Anastasia ‘Nastja’ Mustonen

IPSC practical handgun and rifle

Anastasia ‘Nastja’ Mustonen

"It was love at first sight at the range"

Anastasia Mustonen, IPSC practical handgun and rifle shooter

Anastasia began shooting at 9 years old, with her dad, and got hooked on the sport right away. “I tried shooting, and it was love at first sight!”. Anastasia, or “Nastja”, shoots practical handgun and rifle, and her favorite shooting discipline is Practical handgun production. When joining the Vihtavuori Team in  2018, Anastasia had been using Vihtavuori powders for several years. Her favorites are N320 for her handgun and N133 for rifle disciplines. She reloads whenever she needs to, and with 450-650 fired rounds a month, she needs to reload quite often!

Anastasia’s goal for the future is to become the European / World Champion in ladies’ practical shooting. Her tip for beginners? “First of all, safety – and then practice, practice, practice.”

Favorite powder

N320 handgun powder

N133 rifle powder

Latest Results

Competition highlights

IPSC Handgun Finnish Championship Production-division Lady 1st place
IPSC Handgun Finnish Championship Standard-division Lady 1st place
IPSC Handgun European Championship Standard-division Lady Team 2nd place

Nordic Rifle Championship 2018, Champion, Lady Standard
Alpha Open, Estonia, Champion, Lady Production
National Champion, Lady Production