A versatile range of reloading powders

Vihtavuori premium reloading powders come in three different series:

N100 offers traditional single base propellants for rifle calibers,
N300/3N offers porous single base gun powders and precise measuring capability for pistol cartridges, rimfire ammunition and shotgun shells, 
N500 series powders are special high energy rifle propellants enhanced with nitroglycerin for extra ballistic performance

All are STANAG 4170 qualified and REACH compliant.

Why choose Vihtavuori powders for reloading?

⇒They’re Clean Burning

Our use of only the finest of raw materials is a renowned characteristic of all Vihtavuori powders. We take great pride in producing a very pure and clean burning powder which allows longer shooting sessions between cleanings. The clean-burning characteristics of our powders result in greatly reduced carbon build-up and powder fouling, ultimately giving longer barrel life.

⇒They come with a Decoppering agent

After extensive testing and development, we’ve begun adding a decoppering agent to all of our powders. This additive deters the adhesion and build-up of copper fouling in the bore. Excessive jacket material fouling is a well-known and established cause of accuracy loss. This fouling must be removed from time to time to keep a rifle performing at its peak potential. Our new decoppering agent prevents much of this fouling from building up in the first place, greatly prolonging your shooting sessions, and extending barrel life. Read more on the decoppering agent here!

⇒They’re extremely temperature stable

Temperature stability in powders has always been a consideration, but with the recent improvements in Long Range shooting, it has become a factor of major concern to shooters. Firing at long ranges places greater demands on ammo, equipment and the shooter himself. Enabling a shooter to meet these demands means refining the process, and eliminating those variables which reduce hit probability. The production of increasingly temperature insensitive propellants allows for greatly reduced Extreme Spreads and Standard Deviation, which translates directly to less vertical dispersion on target.

⇒They’re lot-to-lot consistent

Smokeless propellants are an organic compound of many closely monitored base materials. Every production run must be closely matched to very specific standards regarding grain geometry, chemistry and performance as compared to previous runs of that powder. This demanding process requires constant testing, verification and adjustment to ensure that each run is perfectly compatible with those before and after. This is a guiding principle of our powder production philosophy. We require extreme accuracy and quality at every step of our production process.

The estimated shelf-life of Vihtavuori gun powders is a minimum of 10 years, if stored and sealed in its original containers at a temperature of circa 20°C and relative humidity of 55-65 %.

Consumer Package information

Consumer package, bottle 0,6 ltr (36.6 in3)
Measures: sides & height 95 x 75 x 140 mm
net weight gross weight
N110, N120, N130, N133, N135, N140, N150, N160, N165, N170 1.0 lbs 1.1 lbs
N150, N160, N165, N170 1.0 lbs 1.1 lbs
Consumer package, bottle 1,2 ltr (73.2 in3)
Measures: sides & height 95 x 75 x 226 mm
net weight gross weight
N110, N120, N130, N133, N135, N140, N150, N160, N165, N170 1.0 kg 1.1 kg
24N41, 20N29, N530, N540, N550, N560, N565, N570 1.0 kg 1.1 kg
N310, N320, N32C, N330, N340, N350, 3N37, 3N38, N105 0,5 kg 0,6 kg
N310, N320, N32C, N330, N340, N350, 3N37, 3N38, N105 1.0 lbs 1.2 lbs
Consumer package, bottle 4,5 ltr (274.6 in3)
Measures: sides & height 135 x 189 x 260 mm
net weight gross weight
N110, N140, N150, N160 3,5 kg 3,7 kg
N310, N320, N340, 3N37, 3N38 2,0 kg 2,2 kg
N110, N120, N130, N133, N135, N140, N150, N160, N165, N170, 24N41, 20N29 8.0 lbs 8.4 lbs
N310, N320, N32C, N330, N340, N350, 3N37, 3N38 4.0 lbs 4.4 lbs