Vihtavuori N500 high energy rifle powders

The N500 series of Vihtavuori propellants provide the utmost in performance. Vihtavuori N500 high energy powders are the perfect reloading option for a rifle shooter who is looking for added velocity and range with heavy bullets. Nitroglycerine has been added to the traditional single base rifle powder to get better energy content. The N500 Vihtavuori series offers seven different smokeless reloading powders with different burning rates, suitable for a variety of shooting disciplines such as long range target shooting and ELR.

N500 series rifle powder information 

Bulk density (g/l)

N530 N540 N550 N555 N560 N565 N568 N570
930 940 940 900 960 960 907 960

Energy content (J/g)

N530 N540 N550 N555 N560 N565 N568 N570
3950 4000 3900 3700 4000 4000 3850 4000

Consumer Package information

N500 series powders are available in the following bottle sizes:

Consumer package, bottle 0,6 ltr (36.6 in3)
Measures: sides & height 95 x 75 x 140 mm
net weight gross weight
N530, N540, N550, N555, N560, N565, N568, N570 1.0 lbs 1.1 lbs
Consumer package, bottle 1,2 ltr (73.2 in3)
Measures: sides & height 95 x 75 x 226 mm
net weight gross weight
N530, N540, N550, N555, N560, N565, N568, N570 1.0 kg 1.1 kg
Consumer package, bottle 4,5 ltr (274.6 in3)
Measures: sides & height 135 x 189 x 260 mm
net weight gross weight
N530, N540, N550, N555, N560, N565, N568, N570 8.0 lbs 8.4 lbs


Material Safety Data Sheet

Safety data sheet High Energy, N500-series 

For optional language versions of the above safety data sheet, please email us at sales.vihtavuori (a)


N530 high energy powder

The fastest of Vihtavuori's N500 High Energy series, the N530 is an ideal reloading powder for many of the smaller bottlenecked cases like the .223/5.56, or large straight-walled cases such as the .45-70 Springfield. It is also a useful powder for medium capacity cases like the .308 Winchester when using lighter weight bullets of 155 grains or less. Read more »

N540 high energy powder

Vihtavuori N540 is a mid-range powder in the N500 series, and an excellent choice for cartridges running from the .223/5.56mm, .308 Win. and .30-06 Springfield with appropriate bullet weights. This is also a great powder for 6,5x47 Lapua and 6.5 Creedmoor as well as the .223 when using heavy bullets from 69 to 82 grains. It is exceptionally clean-burning and delivers outstanding accuracy. Read more »

N550 high energy powder

Vihtavuori's N550 high energy powder is a slower burning powder, very well suited to reloading a wide range of medium to large cartridges especially with heavier bullet weights. The N550 is an ideal fit for many of the 30 caliber magnums with lighter bullets, but also useful across a wide range of bore sizes in various shooting disciplines. Particularly well matched to heavy bullet loadings in the 6.5x55 and .30-06 Springfield cartridges. Read more »

N555 high energy powder

The N555 rifle powder has been developed specifically for use in the 6.5 Creedmoor for competitive shooting and hunting applications where accuracy and temperature stability are critical. Read more »

N560 high energy powder

Vihtavuori N560 is a very slow-burning powder for large, magnum-style cases, particularly when heavy bullets and high velocities are required. It is well-suited for handloaders preferring calibers such as the .270 Win, 7 mm Remington or 7 mm Weatherby Magnum, .300 Winchester, RUM or Weatherby Magnum. This rifle powder is also very good choice for the .338 Lapua Magnum when using lighter bullets of 250 grains or less. Read more »

N565 high energy powder

Vihtavuori's N565 is a N500 series powder developed specially for 250 grain bullet weight loads in .338 Lapua Magnum. N565 roughly splits the difference in burn-rate between the powders N560 and N570, but is a bit closer to N570. It will cover many of the same calibers and bullets as the first two, but allows the loader another option in fine-tuning a load to the perfect combination. While N565 was tailored specifically for military sniping applications, it also has a wide range of sport shooting uses, particularly within long range shooting. For the demanding handloader, the N565 will prove to be an ideal choice for calibers such as the 7mm Remington Magnum, the .30-06, .300 Win Mag, .300 Norma Mag as well as the .338 Norma Mag. Read more »

N568 high energy powder

Vihtavuori N568 is the ideal choice for today’s most popular large capacity cartridges, including 6.5 PRC, .300 PRC, .338 Lapua Magnum, and an assortment of classic belted magnums such as 7mm Remington Magnum and .300 Winchester Magnum. Read more »

N570 high energy powder

Vihtavuori N570 high energy powder is the slowest burning member of the N500 line and a perfect choice for shooting disciplines requiring heavy bullets and the largest capacity cases. Its burn rate is very close to that of Vihtavuori N170 rifle powder, but will generally provide a bit more velocity in the same cartridges using the same bullet weights. The burn-rate characteristics of N570 allow it to deliver the very best possible performance from such cartridges as the 6.5x284, .300 Rem. Ultra Mag, and .338 Lapua Magnum. Read more »