Vihtavuori Powders with Decoppering Agent are better for barrels

All Vihtavuori reloading powders produced today have an added decoppering agent, also called anti-fouling agent. What does that mean for the reloader using Vihtavuori powders?

The decoppering agent reduces the amount of copper residue that forms within the rifle barrel when shooting. Less copper residue translates as a cleaner rifle barrel. For the reloading target shooter, this means muzzle velocities with less deviation and increased accuracy, especially when firing multiple groups.

Comparison of barrels

Shooting tests comparing the results of shots fired using a powder without the decoppering agent versus a powder with the decoppering agent have shown a notable difference in the amount of copper residue inside the rifle bore after only 50 shots.

Test info: 30-06 caliber, N160 powder (with/without decoppering agent), 11.7 g bullet, pressure CIP max, firearm regular test rifle. For additional details of the test, see the Vihtavuori Decoppering Test Results

For us, accuracy is everything. For you, that means a cleaner rifle barrel and better shooting scores.