N133 rifle powder

Vihtavuori N133 powder

Vihtavuori N133,
the choice of top benchrest shooters

Originally developed for 5.56 Nato cartridge, Vihtavuori’s N133 is a multipurpose rifle powder for centerfire .22 cartridges and PPC caliber cartridges.

N133 is a tubular powder with grain dimensions of 1,1 mm length and 0,8 mm diameter. The burn rate is medium in the scale of our rifle powders, and it works like a charm with .223 Remington, and practical shooters and other using the AR-15 will know the utmost quality of the N133. It is also a supreme choice for handloaders shooting 6 PPC standard rifle, and benchrest shooters all over the world rely on the combination of the Lapua .220 Russian brass and Vihtavuori N133 powder. This is probably the most popular powder in 100 meters and 200 meters bench rest shooting competitions: a countless number of competitions have been won using this reloading powder!

True testimonial by Jack Neary

Gold medalist at the 2011 World Benchrest Championships

Jack Neary with Evil Roy at SASS End of Trail 2017

Consistency is the key to Success in Benchrest!

In Benchrest competition, consistent, good groups are the key to success. While there are a number of smokeless powder brand choices for Benchrest competition use, Vihtavuori N133 powder stands alone in providing consistent, ease of rifle load tuning performance.

Many competitive smokeless powders will provide a load that will perform well in a very “narrow-window” of conditions. However, Vihtavuori N133 has earned the distinction as the clear choice of top Benchrest competitors, as Vihtavuori has amassed more World Records and Gold Medals in both National and International Benchrest competitions than all other powders combined!

While a very proud member of U.S. 2011 Benchrest team, I used Vihtavuori N133 powder to compete at the 2011 World Benchrest Championships held in Volmerange Les Mines, France. During the Heavy Varmint 100 Meter class on the second day of the world championship competition, I saw that my Bartlein gain-twist barrel and BT bullet combination, fueled with a warm load of N133, created consistent and very good groups through the first 4 matches of the day. So good, in fact, I had a chance of breaking the HV100 Meter World Benchrest Federation world record – only if my load would continue to perform as the conditions and elements of the day were changing. 

As I carefully picked my way through the conditions on my last, fifth group to shoot in a full-value 3 o’clock right-to-left push condition, I found my first 4-shots in a very small .100” group. With one shot left to go and less than 1 minute left on the clock, I carefully waited for my 3 o’clock right-to-left condition to return… With confidence in my N133 powder and a small prayer, the last shot pierced the group without enlarging it at all!

With my final group measuring only a .116”, the Heavy Varmint 100 meter record would be mine with a final official .1600” aggregate! My N133 powder load stayed in tune all day long.  Not once did I need to change my load, despite rising temperatures and increasing wind conditions throughout the day.

You too can experience the same success! Whether you’re shooting in your local club Benchrest match or at the World Championship stage, Vihtavuori N133 smokeless powder will provide you with the consistency needed to reach top results!

Use the very Best – Use Vihtavuori Smokeless Powders!

Jack Neary


Vihtavuori N133 powder is available in 1 lbs and 1 kg containers. In USA, 8 lbs canisters are also available.

Reloading data available in these calibers:

.204 Ruger.221 Remington Fireball.224 Valkyrie.222 Remington.223 Remington.22 Nosler.22 PPC-USA.22-250 Remington6 mm PPC-USA6 mm BR Norma6,5 mm Grendel6,5 x 47 Lapua.308 Winchester.30-30 Winchester.300 Savage7,62 x 53R (7,62 Russian).30-06 Springfield.303 British8 x 57 IS (8 mm Mauser)9,3 x 62.45-70 Government.458 Winchester Magnum7 mm TCU7 mm BR Remington7 mm GJW