Request reloading data

Need reloading data for Vihtavuori but can’t find a suitable load suggestion? Now you can request specific reloading data by filling out the form below! NOTE: This is a noreply form. We do not reply to requests via this form. If you wish to contact us for further contact, go to our contact form

If you’ve bought a bottle of Vihtavuori powder you’ve most likely also seen the reloading data we publish. And that’s a lot of information – offering nearly a hundred calibers and thousands of load data lines, our customers have a lot of options to choose from. Yet, we do get a lot of requests for data we don’t have available. For those requests, we always have the same answer: we only suggest data that we have already published. Why? Because we know that data is always going to be safe – we test shoot every single powder and bullet combination that is available in our reloading table. Today, we publish ca 100 new lines every year.

We naturally want to publish reloading data requested by our customers, so we appreciate your feedback and do our best to produce requested loads in the future!