Vihtavuori’s Jim O’Young is High Super Senior in cf pistol in Area 2 Steel Challenge


Vihtavuori sponsored shooter Jim O’Young won the High Super Senior title in Centerfire Pistol at the Area 2 Steel Challenge Championship which took place in San Luis Obispo, California on August 20th, 2023. Congrats Jim!

“Going into the match, I was focused on breaking 120 seconds and winning my age group in the Open Centerfire Pistol division. As in any competition, challenges occur & things don’t always go perfectly. You just have to persevere, stay positive and NEVER give up. In the end, I was fortunate to win the High Super Senior (65-69 yrs. old) title in the entire Centerfire Pistol main event. A major part of my preparation was to load perfect, reliable, accurate, low recoiling & clean burning ammunition. And of course, it’s with VV N320, the ONLY powder I’ve used since 2002. My new match pistol and the N320 get along VERY well!”