Vihtavuori FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Do you have or can you suggest reloading data for caliber / component combination XXX (insert your choice here)?
A: All our available reloading data is always available on our website, so you can check there. If we don’t offer it in your caliber or component combination of choice, then unfortunately we don’t carry data for it and, due to safety reasons, we can’t suggest loads that we haven’t tried, tested and published ourselves.

Q: Will you be publishing reloading data for caliber XXX (insert your choice here)?
A: We have a constantly ongoing reloading data shooting process, and we strive to publish new reloading data as soon as possible. You can also send us a request for loading data via our contact form. 

Q: How can I find a local retailer of Vihtavuori products?
A: Please check with the distributor in your country for a dealer near you. You can find all our global distributors online.  

Q: How do I know the lot number of my powder?
A: The lot number is printed on the label – read more here!

Q: How long can Vihtavuori powder be stored and still be usable?
A: Generally, Vihtavuori products have been designed to be usable for several years. However, the condition of the powder strongly depends on the storage conditions (read about the appropriate storage conditions here!), and thus no exact number can be given. Never use a powder if you are unsure of its identity.

Q: I suspect there may be something wrong with a Vihtavuori product I bought. What should I do?
A: If you feel there is something wrong in the product you just purchased, please contact the retailer from where you bought the product as soon as possible and place the claim to them including info on the issue and lot number. The retailer will send the claim to the importer who in turn then forwards it to us, the manufacturer.


Q: How can a competitive shooter apply for a sponsorship?
Q: I have a popular YouTube channel / Instagram account / blog / magazine etc. Are you interested in collaboration or advertising?

A: Please feel free to send your proposal to us via our website feedback form. Note however that advertising in local, area-specific marketing channels is mostly organized locally in cooperation with our local distributors.