3N37 powder

Vihtavuori 3N37 powder

3N37 handgun powder

Vihtavuori’s 3N37 handgun powder was originally developed for .22 rimfire cartridges, but has since proven to be very versatile and desirable within all competitive handgun shooting disciplines.

The 3N37 is tubular, porous powder type with grain dimensions of 0,6 mm length and 0,6 mm diameter. The symmetrical grain size makes metering a breeze in powder measures. The burning rate of the 3N37 is close to N350 and on the medium scale of our handgun powders.

This is an excellent powder for 9 mm major loads for IPSC open competitions and it’s very popular in USPSA and IPSC practical pistol shooting disciplines. In addition to practical shooting, 3N37 is also widely used as a submachine gun powder. As all of our powders, 3N37 offers consistent, extreme precision, with clean burning – and that is why it is used by the best shooters in the world.

Interesting fact: 3N37 was used back in the 1940’s by Sako for loading 9mm submachine gun cartridges.

A handloading tip from our Pros for practical shooters shooting caliber 9 mm Luger

Try 3N37 / 0,4 g (6,2 gr) with Lapua’s 9mm 8 g (124 gr) FMJ bullet – a guaranteed recipe for success in IPSC open divisions!

Vihtavuori 3N37 handgun powder is available in 0,5 kg and 2 kg containers. In the US in 1 lbs and 4 lbs containers.

Reloading data available in these calibers:

7,62 x 25 Tokarev9 mm Luger / 9x19 mm9 x 23 Winchester.357 SIG.38 Super Auto.38 Special.357 Magnum.357 Remington Maximum.40 S&W10 mm AUTO.44 Remington Magnum.45 Auto / .45 ACP.45 Colt.45 Winchester Magnum.454 Casull