N32C Tin Star powder


If you’re into Cowboy Action Shooting, we have a powder specially developed for your needs; the Vihtavuori N32C, known also as Tin Star powder!

Porous, Accurate and High Quality – these are the main attributes why the best Cowboy Action Shooters choose N32C.

N32C was developed somewhat a decade ago at the request of the US market and based on the wishes of Cowboy Action Shooters. N32C is a single-base powder with all the favorable characteristics of Black Powder but without any of its unfavorable properties. N32C is reliable, burns super clean without residue, ignites easily and has a considerably decreased bulk density. Its burning rate lies between those of Vihtavuori N320 and N330.

The biggest benefit of N32C is its high loading volume. The porous powder fills up the case better and leaves much less free space, unlike other powders. Compared to N320, the case filling ratio can be up to 50% higher. This also makes the powder safer to use – a reloader won’t be able to make double or triple loads in big volume cases by accident.

Other than being ideally suited to many of the older cartridges used in Cowboy Action Shooting, N32C is also very suitable for several other pistol calibers. It is also used for subsonic and blank loads.

Evil Roy, Overall World and Overall National Champion Cowboy Action Shooter, and one of the icons of the sport, says Vihtavuori is the best CAS powder on the market.

“I have used Vihtavuori powder for several years in all my Cowboy Action firearms. It is very clean burning, very consistent in velocity and has soft recoil. Vihtavuori Cowboy Action Powder is even better suited to our sport as it is especially designed for the large cases and small charge weight we normally use.” 

Tips from our Pros:

Try the N32C Tin Star in .38 Special with 158 gr bullets for Cowboy action shooting or other pistol shooting.


Vihtavuori offers tested reloading data for following calibers:

.38 Special; .357 Magnum; .44 S&W Special; .44 Remington Magnum; .45 Colt. Check out the reloading data for all calibers here!

N32C Tin Star is available in 0,5 kg containers and in 1 lbs containers in the U.S.