Vihtavuori “Shoot To Win” promotion launched in the U.S.!


Vihtavuori has launched a new promotion for competitive shooters in the U.S.! Now you have the opportunity to win cash prizes in an array of matches throughout the 2019 season!

The rules are simple:

1) Shoot ammunition loaded with Vihtavuori powder when competing in the listed matches to qualify.
2) The Vihtavuori Big Cash Release Form must be filled out prior to shooting any sanctioned Vihtavuori Big Cash matches.The promotion is hosted by our U.S. distributor Capstone Precision, and you will find the listed matches and Release Form on their website.
3) Vihtavuori Big Cash is valid only toward the matches and placement listed on the website of our U.S. distributor Capstone Precision group.
4) Vihtavuori Big Cash Payout is valid with US citizens only. Non-citizens are not able to participate in Vihtavuori Big Cash.
5) The terms and conditions of Vihtavuori Big Cash offer are subject to change without notice.

For any further questions, please contact the Vihtavuori U.S. distributor, Capstone Precision.