Steve Reiter

Bullseye, Standard Pistol, Free Pistol, Centerfire Pistol

Steve Reiter

"When you’re the first at anything, it’s a big honor"

Steve Reiter, first Quadruple Distinguished Badge Marksman in history

Steve Reiter is a legend of his own within bullseye pistol shooting. In 2016, at 74 years of age, he received his most recent Distinguished Badge, the .22 Rimfire Pistol Badge, which has only been in existence since 2015.

Before that, Reiter had earned his Pistol Distinguished Badge in 1972, International Badge in 1973 and his Rifle Distinguished Badge in 1998. Through the years, he has competed in free pistol, standard pistol, air pistol and centerfire events as well as rifle. In addition, he was a member of the USA Olympic Team in free pistol in 1980. To become the first Quadruple Distinguished Badge Marksman is something that Steve is understandably very proud of.  “It’s a big honor, really. When you’re the first at anything, it’s a big honor. Most people don’t understand how much work it is. And it being a CMP badge, it means something.”

A former U.S. Army Reserve Team member, his extensive list of credentials over his long and incredible career includes more or less anything and everything possible.

“You have to work pretty hard,” he said, speaking on how to become a successful marksman. “More or less, you have to do a lot of practicing and a lot of dry firing, and actually work at it. You can’t come out here and just shoot. You’ve got to really work at it, like anything else, to get to the top of your field.”

Latest Results

  • Jul 2017 – Nra Nationals – National – Precision Pistol – Grand Senior

Competition highlights

Quadruple Distinguished Badge Marksman Member of the 1980 Olympic team in Free Pistol National Match competitor for over 40 years Five-time National Champion at Camp Perry Two-time President’s 100 Champion in Pistol Two-time National Trophy Individual Match Champion in Pistol 10-time Winner of the National Match High Senior Pistol Trophy Five-time Winner of Citizens’ Military Pistol Trophy Two-time Free Pistol National Champion Standard Pistol National Champion 34 Overall National Championship Titles 44 National Records Best .22 Aggregate of 899 Best Three-Gun Aggregate of 2671 40+ Regional Championships Seven-time Interservice Champions Canada International Service Pistol Champion