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Vihtavuori Reload App for iOS and Android

Vihtavuori Reload App now available in Apple and Google Play stores free of charge!

Vihtavuori Reload is a free of charge mobile application to help you with reloading process as well as to keep track of your reloading recipes. You can easily manage your current recipes as well as create new ones. Print out your recipes by sending those to your e-mail. Create recipes to as many firearms and calibres you want. Everything stays in order in Vihtavuori Reload. With Vihtavuori Reload you have easy access to latest Vihtavuori Reloading Data as well as other Vihtavuori information. At the end of 2016, the app was completely renewed.

The new and improved Vihtavuori Reload app has some great new features:


- Use both online and offline - no internet connection needed!

- Add your favourite loads to your recipe diary directly via the reloading table

- Access and maintain recipes from multiple devices

- Document test shooting data with pictures along with each recipe

- Choose between metrical and imperial values in table view

- Select the sub header for recipes from multiple parameters (earlier this was fixed to Muzzle velocity)

…and much more!


Update your Vihtavuori Reload App, or download the app for free at Google Play Store or App Store!

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