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Vihtavuori FAQ

Vihtavuori FAQ

Vihtavuori Frequently asked Questions and Answers

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Q: I can’t find reloading data for my caliber/bullet on your website. Can you suggest something for me?

A: All our recommended load data is available on our web site and based on a test shooting process , which makes for a very busy shooting schedule. We produce more than 100 new reloading data lines each year. All newly completed data will always be published on our web pages and on the Vihtavuori Reload app. What is not available online, we can't recommend or suggest due to our Vihtavuori ReLo Data policy which is based on the product liability and home loaders safety. But all requests for reload data will always be duly noted.

Q: I currently use N150 for reload 6 mm BR with Lapua bullets, and it's very good. Could it be better with N140 ?
A: It can be. It depends a little on your barrel and the length of it. Always worth a try!

Q: I'd like to know more about what powder is best for .44 special and .44 rem mag.
A: Depending on the type and weight of the bullet; N320 – N350.

Q: How can I find a local dealer?
A: Please check our online list of global distributors, and kindly contact the distributor in your country for your nearest dealer. 

Q: In your reloading data for my caliber, the (test) barrel length mentioned is different from my rifle barrel. Is this a problem?
A: The length of the test barrel is basically just extra information of the test circumstances, so it doesn't matter if you're rifle's barrel length differs from the length in the data, as long as you stay within minimum/maximum loads.


Q: I currently use N150 for my 260(140 grs bullet) and 308(155 and 175 grs bullet), with great results. Would Vihtavuori powders recommend something else?
A: It depends slightly on the length of the barrel but we suggest to try as follows: .260 Rem + 140 gr bullet -> N550 and/or N160; and .308 Win + 155 gr bullet -> N135 and/or N140;  .308 Win + 175 gr bullet -> N150

Q: What does C.O.L. stand for in the reloading manual?
A: C.O.L. = cartridge overall length

Q: DO you have any info on down loading with cast lead bullets?
A: We do not have any recommendations specifically for cast lead bullets at this particular time. 

Q: Wonder if the N-140 would work good in a 6.5 Creedmoor?
A: Yes – but only with very light bullets. N150, N540, N550 and N160 are better solutions for 6,5 Creedmoor.

Q: Any idea if N140 gives a good result in my 2 calibers (.223, 30.06)?
A: .223 Rem: yes, with the bullet weights starting from 3,6 g / 55 gr and upwards .30-06: yes,for the bullet weights up to 9,7 g / 150 gr.


Vihtavuori Reload App:

Q: I can’t login, I get an error message every time. What’s wrong?
A: There are two probable causes for this:

Option 1: The text editor on your mobile device leaves an extra empty space in the email text box. Some mobiles will add an extra empty space in the email field, especially if you are copy-pasting the email address. So check for extra spaces!

Option 2: You are trying to use the login info for your old Vihtavuori Reload app. If you have had the old Vihtavuori App, you need to create a completely new account using either the email/password or the facebook login option. To create a new account using Facebook, simply tap on the “Login with Facebook” button and follow the instructions. To create an account with an email address, klick on the “Sign up here for Vihtavuori Reload!” link at the bottom of the screen to get to the New user view. In the New user view, add and save your information and go to your email to confirm the account.