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Vihtavuori Reloading Powders

Manufacturing propellants entirely in-house ensures their high quality. All Vihtavuori gun powders are made using nitro-cellulose produced by cotton linters at our own plant. Premium quality Vihtavuori powders flow easily even in the fastest industrial reloading machines and they deliver consistently flawless firing performance – for you this means reliable reloading and ammunition every time.

Why choose our reloading powders?

Each stage of the gun powder production process is subject to stringent quality control by the Vihtavuori experts to ensure that each production lot has the exact ballistic performance required. Each and every batch produced is inspected by comparing them to selected reference batches. Read more on the quality of Vihtavuori premium reloading powders.

The estimated shelf-life of Vihtavuori gun powders is a minimum of 10 years, if stored and sealed in its original containers at a temperature of circa 20°C and relative humidity of 55-65 %.

Vihtavuori Powders are better for barrels

All Vihtavuori reloading powders produced today have an added decoppering agent, also called anti-fouling agent. What does that mean for the reloader using Vihtavuori powders? Read more about our decoppering agent here!


All Vihtavuori reloading powders...

Are manufactured by highly qualified employees of Nammo Vihtavuori Oy in Laukaa, Finland

Strict quality acceptance limits have helped reloaders and cartridge manufacturers to achieve similar loads regardless of the production lot for more than 85 years

Ensure clean burning and repeatable shooting properties in all weathers and conditions

Have achieved a strong position among top class shooters around the world

Have uniform and superb quality based on full control of the whole production chain beginning from the production of nitrocellulose to the bottling of the end product

Are available with 26 different powder types, which can be divided to three different product families: N100, N300 & N500.