New Vihtavuori video on Youtube - nitrocellulose production

When you are weighing your load of Vihtavuori powder, those greyish black grains in the scale pan have gone through quite a transformation in the production phase, before ending up at your reloading bench. 
Did you know that the raw material for gun powder is actually cotton that is processed into nitrocellulose? And did you know that we at Vihtavuori produce our own nitrocellulose in our very own production facility?

Vihtavuori Nitrocellulose production video

Our new video on Youtube gives you a glimpse of our meticulous, continuously developed production process that turns the cotton into nitrated cellulose, ready to be further crafted into our premium gun powders. By managing the whole production cycle from cotton to powder grain, we can ensure the safety and high quality of our powders. For you, that means you get a clean burning, powerful and accurate powder - every time you reload.

See the video here!