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Experienced craftsmanship for the perfect ammo

For over 90 years, Vihtavuori has been known for producing high quality propellants with reliable ballistic performance, long shelf-life and wide variety selection. All of our powders meet the strict requirements of both civilian and military needs.

A versatile range of reloading powders

Vihtavuori premium reloading powders come in three different series: N100 offers traditional single base propellants for rifle calibers, N300/3N offers porous single base gun powders and precise measuring capability for pistol cartridges, rimfire ammunition and shotgun shells, and N500 series powders are special high energy rifle propellants enhanced with nitroglycerin for extra ballistic performance. All STANAG 4170 qualified.

Quality by design

Manufacturing propellants entirely in-house ensures their high quality. All Vihtavuori powders are made using nitro-cellulose produced by cotton linters at our own plant. Premium quality Vihtavuori powders deliver consistently flawless firing performance – for you this means reliable reloading and ammunition you demand.

Each stage of the production process is subject to stringent quality control by the Vihtavuori experts to ensure that each production lot has the exact ballistic performance required. Each and every batch produced is inspected by comparing them to selected reference batches.

All Vihtavuori powders for small arms are extruded propellants. Propellant kernals are perforated cylinders of various sizes, flat ribbon flakes or other shapes extruded for special applications. The grain geometry of different gunpowder types provides the wanted combustion characteristics for the chosen cartridge application.

The estimated shelf-life of Vihtavuori gunpowders is a minimum of 10 years, if stored and sealed in its original containers at a temperature circa 20°C and relative humidity of circa 55 %.

All Vihtavuori reloading powders are packed into bottles and canisters and further in fiberboard boxes. All Vihtavuori Powders are available also in Industrial Packings.

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